The three primary components to securing a well-functioning knowledge sharing culture

The fruit-tree metaphor helps describe how a well functioning knowledge sharing culture happens.


  1. Conversation.

    Knowledge creating conversation builds trust and allows 'what really matters' and other 'aha's' to become visible and 'harvestable'.

    (The soil or 'below the surface' stuff.)

  2. Somewhere for knowledge to gather.

    A system is introduced so the now visible team knowledge can be housed so it is reliably at the team's fingertips.

    (The trunk and branches.)

  3. Readily accessible knowledge.

    Participants feedback until the resulting team knowledge is actually used and useful in helping them make good decisions.

    (The fruit that's constantly improving and always readily available.)

Leaders who have seen the process working have described what they've seen as creating a can-do confidence and a desired way of 'how we do things around here'.