A Welcome to Thought Leaders

Crafting culture using knowledge sharing as the vehicle

Welcome to a golden opportunity to create a knowledge sharing culture to increase profitability and effectiveness within the organisation.

Moving from where the knowledge sharing culture is to where leaders want it to be can be tangible, quick and rewarding when people know which seat to sit on the bus and what their part is.

The following are the three primary roles in crafting knowledge sharing culture:

  • Thought Leader &/or Gatherer
  • Participant
  • Enabler

The Thought Leader &/or Gatherer's primary contribution is to help make knowledge sharing gatherings happen that the Enabler can host and harvest usable knowledge from.

The Participant's primary contribution is:

  1. Quick sharing, and
  2. Feedback until knowledge outputs are used & useful.

The Enabler's primary contribution is to create homes for knowledge to gather, host & harvest knowledge creating conversations, craft bodies of knowledge and establish single launching points for to access team knowledge while maintaining single sources of knowledge. This includes removing as many obstacles to the culture creating process as possible.

Gatherings can be of one on one, small groups or large groups and depend on how quickly leaders want to progress.

The best question a Thought Leader / Gatherer can ask the Enabler to help get things going is How can I help?