Feedback - KnowledgeMaps

KnowledgeMaps are a tool Hugh has developed over time to act as primary launching points and gathering spots for team knowledge. People using these have commented that they are the simplest form of a KM (knowledge management) system they've come across to reliably access any knowledge anywhere.


Direct access

"I am using the Knowledge Map as good direct access to documents I need to refer to"
Tom, Projects Outcomes Coordinator

Essential thinking tool

"We use our Knowledge Map every day. Working without this help is like driving without oil."
Sieming, Structural Engineer

Great for individual knowledge

"I've always believed improving the way I manage my individual knowledge is key to developing my technical capability ... Hugh's help in this regard is invaluable."
Gareth, Engineer

Long term benefit

"KnowledgeMaps are working very well for me and my team one year on."
Paul, Team Leader


Perfect tool for handover

"My KnowledgeMap now contains all my favourites and all the links to what I use everywhere. It's the perfect tool for knowledge handover."
Jon, Records Officer, Australian Government Organisation


Projects use

"I believe using KnowledgeMaps in project knowledge retention & transfer is very relevant."
Yvonne, Team Leader


Proven efficiency

"We all find your assistance in organising our KnowledgeMap to be most helpful. Having this information at our fingertips is good for efficiency. Yours is a worthwhile service, so I have no problem in acknowledging it."
Colin, Senior Engineer


Sell themselves

"No need for you to sell KnowledgeMaps Hugh - they're selling themselves. There's a bigger following than you realise."
Mary, Team Leader


Simple & Elegant

"Hugh, just a quick note to say thanks for setting up my KnowledgeMap. The simple elegance of this tool never ceases to amaze me. I've found it really helpful as a means of organising my decision making resources."
Astrid, Manager, Intelligence


Used daily

"My KnowledgeMap saves me heaps of time every day finding the stuff I need to do my job. In addition, by linking to others' KnowledgeMaps creates a very quick and easy communication tool for teams."
Yvonne, Team Leader




"Hugh's KnowledgeMap tool has taken off"

I was fortunate to have worked directly with, and observed, Hugh Bathurst at work for six months in my Department.

In this short space of time, Hugh delivered some very time effective and cost effective practices to help groups and individuals do what they do better.

Hugh describes what he does as crafting knowledge sharing knowledge cultures. I can say that what Hugh does is finding ways with what exists to create a more productive workplace.

He uses an approach which has emerged from knowledge sharing practices that he has refined in his years at the 'getting more done with less' coal face.

Just two of Hugh's approaches had immediate impact and success:

  1. KnowledgeMaps. These were an instant hit with people who could see the benefit of having their knowledge at their fingertips as a single launching place to one's work and that of colleagues.

This has enormous benefits and is easily adopted by an organisation. Productivity can only improve with such payback as instant access to frequently used knowledge sources – saving time every day; rapid transfer of knowledge between colleagues and particularly new starters; and retention of corporate memory with very little effort.

  • Knowledge creating conversations. What Hugh calls knowledge creating conversations are intentionally structured talking environments to produce 'same day' usable knowledge and ultimately results for the group.


I have led a knowledge management strategy for several years in one of Australia's largest government organisations and I understand how much work is required to achieve a knowledge sharing culture. Hugh's experience and credentials were just the catalyst needed to take our program to the next level.

I believe we only scratched the surface with what Hugh has to offer an organisation.

Lead Knowledge Manager, Government Organisation