Feedback - Knowledge Creating Conversations

Summary Comments:


Any challenge

"I believe this approach to solving complex problems can be applied to about anything imaginable."
Laurence, Family Support Field Worker with 20 years experience)

Instant teamwork

"The conversation allowed us to team together, focus on what mattered most, and unearth usable knowledge quicker than I've seen before."
Michelle, Team Leader


"Hugh's conversation based workshop was extremely useful. It was like speed dating for new knowledge."
Bruce, Director, Government Organisation

Role clarity

"Working with Hugh is great. I turn up, say 'this is important', then leave the rest to Hugh.
Paul, Section Manager



"Hugh's conversation based workshop was extremely useful. It was like speed dating for new knowledge.

With a rapidly approaching deadline to meet an internal audit commitment, my division needed information and ideas from a cross section of the department and needed them in a hurry.

It was a happy coincidence that Hugh Bathurst had been engaged to promote and explore opportunities for knowledge and information sharing activities in another area of our organisation.

Hugh hosted a knowledge creating conversation workshop for us.

He has developed a fast track method to quickly identify the key issues and the most appropriate options to address them.

The workshop was a whirlwind of activity that quickly generated the information and ideas we needed.

Hugh has developed many concepts that can be readily employed to access, gather, retain and share information - and my division certainly found them very useful.

I recommend anyone with a similar situation to that which I have described above take advantage of Hugh's services.
Bruce, Director, Government Organisation