Hugh Bathurst

hugh-tree With a Masters Degree in Knowledge Management from the University of Melbourne, Hugh focuses on crafting knowledge sharing cultures.


Hugh has more than 15 years experience accelerating desired outcomes through 'tried and tested' knowledge sharing practices. The results have delivered sustainable improvements including hundreds of thousands in direct savings and benefits reaching across the globe.

Hugh has observed that good knowledge made visible in the right way tends transfer itself because people value it.

Words others have used to describe what Hugh does:


"I struggle to understand why others find it difficult to grasp what Hugh does in his role of making knowledge-sharing cultures happen.

To me, it's simple. He makes it easy to access things we need to work more effectively.

Instead of leaving the task of making knowledge visible to the individual (who in reality typically doesn't do it), Hugh arranges things so it's done for them. This has proven to make a profound difference in actually getting things done.

Maybe people don't like to admit that they can't find the time to manage their own knowledge and that's why some struggle to understand where people like Hugh can help.

Corporate initiatives all seem to die a premature death I think because most people are not passionate about sharing what they know. They're typically passionate about what they do.

Hugh takes all the stress out of making knowledge visible and easy to access by others. To me, it's that simple, and it's very powerful."

Paul, Section Manager

"To me it's embarrassingly simple...

Hugh removes the traditional obstacles associated with team's thinking clearly by helping knowledge be shared better."

Clive, Section Manager

"Hugh helps with more than operational efficiency & effectiveness.

He helps with the wise use of scarce resources to get done what needs to be done.

Hugh helps with the useful application of knowledge and he helps drive and enable the process from quality conversations to actions so strategies stick using processes Hugh's put in place.

Doug, Section Manager

*** Hugh has accelerated desired outcomes in the community space. To access WEB pages summarising this area of application email "Links to Community Work please" via the Contact Hugh page. ***